5 Tips to Maintaining Your Car between Car Details

The better you look after your car, the nicer it’ll look and the more pleasant it will be to drive. Here are some quick tips to keep your car looking schmick. Plus, you won’t have to get your car detailed as often.

Tip 1: Don’t wait until your car is filthy

This is from both a look and an easiness to clean perspective. Very dirt cars are harder and take longer to clean. They also have a higher chance of having damage to their paint as dirt acts as an abrasive to the wax, polish and even the paintwork. Take your car to a detailer before your car looks filthy

Tip 2: Go for the extreme package every 3-6 months

So you’re probably wondering why you should fork out all of those hard earned dollars to get a comprehensive clean when all you want is for your car to look nice and the basic package does that just fine. The reason is because the major packages include a polish and proper wax with a lot more attention to detail. A car that has a proper coat of wax is faster and easier to keep clean in future and will maintain its look longer between cleans.

Tip 3: Clean it in between visits

Keep a bottle of cleaner in your garage (I keep mine in the back of my car) with a cloth so that when you notice a little bit of dirt or sap on your car you can give it a quick clean. This keeps it looking good.

A number of car detailers also sell the cleaning fluid that they use. Because of the wholesale rates and large quantities they purchase, you can normally pick up a bottle for a pretty reasonable price.

Tip 4: Clean bird remains, sap and other contaminants straight away

These spots have a high level of acidity that eats through the wax on your car and starts to damage the actual paintwork over time. The faster you get it off the paintwork the less damage it will cause. If you follow tip 3 then all you need to do is give it a quick clean with your spray and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Tip 5: Keep your car undercover

The suns UV rays damage the paintwork of your car over time. The less you keep it out in the sun the better your paintwork will survive.

Keeping your car undercover also protects it from other contaminants including the rain. After a downpour you’ll notice streak marks and often dirt marks in the shape of droplets all over your car. Keeping your car undercover prevents this from happening, so your car stays cleaner for longer.

Just following these quick and each tip will keep your car looking good for longer. Driving is always that bit more pleasurable when you know your car is looking great.

Types of Timber Flooring

When it comes to timber flooring there are a number options depending on the look, budget and foundation you’re working with. Each type has it’s own unique look and benefits. Let’s take a look at each:

Solid Timber Flooring

Traditional timber boards that are laid on bearers or joists. Typically comes in 100 and 150mm widths. 19mm thickness is the standard but thicker timber is available. Solid timber floors require adequate ventilation underneath to avoid warping.

Timber floors have the benefits of being durable, comfortable and easy to clean. On the downside they can dent or scratch easily and every few years the need to be stripped and sanded (the high traffic areas in particular).

This timber is traditionally available in three grades. Lower grades have more knots and imperfections while the highest grade have the least. Price is based on the grade with the lower types being cheaper.

Floating Floors

Unlike solid timber floors, Floating floor aren’t attached to the subfloor. This means they can be fitted over the top of other surfaces like: Concrete, solid timber, plywood, or tiles. This makes them more flexible and can be used in a range of buildings like apartments. Floating floors use an interconnecting system to lock each plank together.

To reduce the sound created by floorboards, an underlay is used to insulate any noise.

Floating floors are available as timber (timber layer that’s glued to a fiberboard) or as a laminate (a fiberboard or melamine product that has a photographic image of timber on top). Because of this, floating floors are not suitable for areas that susceptible to getting wet.


There’s almost an infinite number of ways and styles that timber can be laid to create unique patterns and designs. Parquetry involves laying the timber in different shapes and using various timber types and colors to create unique patterns and shapes.

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo Flooring is a relatively new option for homes. For environmentally conscious people it’s a great option as it’s a more renewable resource than traditional timber. This is because it grows so much faster than trees (bamboo is technically a grass).

Bamboo is also a great option because it’s very hard wearing and offers a strong durable surface. Like wood, Bamboo has a warm look and makes it a real alternative.

Financial Planning Services – Part 3

In this final part we’ll look at the last couple of products or services that financial planners can help you with. These services can be extremely helpful to your financial future and are well worth considering.

Managed Funds

These products are designed for less savvy investors or investors with small amounts of capital. Professionals identify and invest in a range of investment vehicles on the funds behalf. There are many different funds out there and it’s important to understand the objectives of the fund, their investment strategy (cash, property and shares), and the management fees payable.

A financial planner can help you identify the right funds for your situation. Just be careful as some funds offer incentives to financial planners for being recommended.


Gearing refers to the use of Debt and/or equity to invest. If the net return from an investment is up then you said to be positively geared. If you are losing money on an investment (ie cost is more than income) then you are said to be negatively geared. This is a very simplified explanation and there are benefits to both but this is what a Financial Planner can help you with.

Wealth Creation

A financial planner helps balance: Risk, Income & Capital Gains.

Financial Education

Some financial planners can even teach you how to be financially literate as a specific service.

Even if they don’t offer a specific course, you will learn a lot from a Financial Planner and they should be able to explain their recommendations so that you know what’s happening with your money. This is not something where ignorance is bliss.


There are so many options and opportunities to grow and protect your financial assets. Financial Planners have a range of expertise and can help you choose the right products for your financial future. The key is to make sure that you get along with them and can trust them to provide you with sound advice that will set you on the path to financial freedom.

What Is A Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is the restoration or enhancement of physical movement. Physiotherapists specialize in injury management, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and correcting medical problems. Physiotherapists begin by assessing an individual and then developing a plan using various treatment techniques to alleviate any problems.

During your initial visit they normally examine your history and your current physical state. Sometimes pain or discomfort in one area is merely the symptom of a different problem. The Physiotherapist will then work with you to create a treatment plan.

Physiotherapy Benefits

  • Education of correct posture, procedures, and form
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reduced pain and discomfort

Specific Problems

  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Reduced Mobility
  • Sports Injuries
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Muscle & Joint Pain including arthritis
  • Injuries resulting from an accident or whiplash
  • Injury prevention
  • Post-operative

Physiotherapy Treatments

  • Massage
  • Electrotherapies: Interferential, Ultrasound, Heat & Ice Packs
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Exercise Programs incl. injury specific. Often based around your problem and your daily routine.
  • Stretching
  • Gait Analysis – Specifically to diagnose running problems
  • Sport Specific Training

Specialty Services

There are also specialist physiotherapy services that treat specific conditions or types of people. These specialties include:

  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Pediatric
  • Sports
  • Elderly

Physiotherapy is an important practice that helps the body work in the way that it’s supposed to. Depending on your cover, treatment by a physiotherapist could be largely covered by your health fund

Benefits of a Mortgage Broker

When it comes to getting a loan, mortgage brokers are a service that’s worth its weight in gold. Here are a just a few of the benefits that you can get by using a mortgage broker.

The Best Deal

Mortgage Brokers have access to many different lends with some brokers having access to 25 different lenders. What does that mean for you, they can check out the competition and find the best product for your situation. Go direct to a lender ad they’ll find the best product thy have for you, but is it the best product on the market for you. A mortgage broker does all the leg work ad gives you the best options to choose from.

Untouched Credit Rating

Whenever you apply to a bank for a loan, they record it against your credit record. If you are unsuccessful with getting a loan from a couple of banks because you didn’t meet their criteria, which goes against your record and could work against as you apply to other banks.

When you go through things with a mortgage they will look at your situation and analyses that against the banks requirements without impacting your credit rating. They can then tell you which bank will consider your application and which aren’t worth applying to. Plus, they can tell you how much a loan from a particular institution will cost over the term of the loan. This allows you to choose the cheapest or best loan for your situation.

One vs. Multiple Applications

Save you the time and hassle of applying to multiple banks, see one mortgage broker and the rest is history.

No Cost

Because Mortgage Brokers are commission based, they earn income when your loan is successful. This is paid by the financial institution and doesn’t affect your mortgage.


Using a mortgage broker is one of the smartest decisions you can make. There really only is an upside to everything they do.

Cornerstones of Financial Planning

While there are so many services that Financial Planners provide their clients, they can all be simplified down to two key cornerstones: Creating Wealth and Protecting Wealth.

What is wealth? It’s the abundance of valuable resources like money, shares, property, etc.

Creating Wealth is all about those services that we hear so much about: Managed Funds, Shares, Property Investment, Gearing, Debt Reduction, etc. This is the main reason why people visit Financial Planners. They want increase their wealth.

Protecting wealth refers to insurance such as life insurance, income protection, asset protection, etc. But it also refers to looking at how your money is invested and how risky it is. Depending on your situation (as described below) you may want to protect your current wealth by having it in low risk assets. With Australians being amongst the most under insured countries in the world it seems we’re all taking the “She’ll be right” attitude to our financial future. And as many people realize too late, it won’t be right.

Both cornerstones are essential to any financial plan however how important they are depends on the stage of life you’re in and most importantly how much wealth you’ve already accumulated.

The Early Years

When you first starting out in the “real world” (i.e. you’ve just left school), you don’t have much to show for yourself. You have virtually no wealth built up and normally a pretty low wage.

For your financial future it’s all about growth and high risk, high return is your lifeblood. Making significant financial gains at this time in your life can have a significant impact on your quality of life at later stages. At this point there’s not much to think about from a wealth protection point of view as there’s nothing to protect.

Mid Life

Now that you have a family or other people depending on you for financial support it’s important to reassess your wealth creation strategies. At this point you really need to make sure that you protect the wealth that you have and you reduce the risks when creating more wealth. Any financial risks for you take are also risks for your family and the people that rely on you. This is where insurance can really protect you.


When it comes to retirement, hopefully you’ve already done all the wealth building you need and now have a solid pool of wealth. Unlike previous life stages you no longer have to worry about increasing your wealth but now it’s about maintaining your wealth.


Regardless of your life or financial stage it’s important to consider your need for wealth creation and protection (though different for different stages). A financial planner can assist you with both and the earlier you see one, the better your path to financial freedom could be.

While You Wait Mechanic

This is a new style of Mechanic for the Central Coast and Australia. While it’s very popular in the US and Canada, Australian’s typically take their car to a mechanic to get all repairs and services complete.

The benefit of taking it to a While you wait mechanic can be huge:

  • You don’t have to have a booking, just rock up when you have a spare half-hour
  • It’s normally cheaper than a mechanic. For these guys, it’s about volume and getting cars in and out in good time
  • They are more efficient because of their workshop setup


Because they only focus on the basics of your car’s maintenance, if you have a specific problem with you vehicle it’s better to take your vehicle to a specialized mechanic.

That said, your car is still being looked after by a fully qualified mechanic so you should feel confident with the work that they’ve done.

This might be an early prediction given that these services haven’t been around for very long but I can see them catching on over the coming years. They are definitely worth checking out.

Click to find a Central Coast Mechanic that offers a While You Wait Service. Use the “Service Options” filter on the left and choose While You Wait.

Financial Planning Services – Part 2

Being financially free (not worrying about money) is the dream of many Australians, but for too many it seems like a dream that’s only possible by winning the lottery. Working with a Financial Planner can help you achieve this without the lottery or a large inheritance (though it won’t happen overnight).

Let’s continue our look into Financial Planners and how their services can help you be financially free.

Estate Planning

While passing away is not something we want to think about (just in case we tempt fate), making sure that our assets are distributed according to our wishes is important. There are so many problems that can arise if you haven’t planned your affairs properly. There are also other implications that can arise including taxes but these can be minimized with proper planning.

Services include: Structuring of Assets, Will’s and Nominating Executors.

Debt Reduction

How would you like to pay off that mortgage sooner or get rid of that credit card debt? Financial planners can help you manage your debt and create debt reduction plans that put you on the path to financial freedom.

Just remember, not all debt is bad, it’s how you use it that determines if it’s good or bad. Financial planners can help you leverage debt to create more wealth for yourself.

Budgeting & Cash flow

Setting a budget is an important part of your financial plan. It’s important in keeping you on the path so that you get to your financial goals. It’s like trying to lose weight without weighing yourself. Yes, you can do it but how much easier is it when you know what you’re doing is getting results and you can quickly tell if you’re getting off course. Plus setting a budget gives you direction and something to aim for, which can be a great motivator.

Risk Management & Asset Protection

As we get older it’s important for us to protect what we have earned and acquired through life. It can be pretty tough to start again from scratch. While it’s possible, imagine where you could have been if you protected what you owned. So how can a Financial Planner help you:

  • They can assess you current insurance cover
  • They can advise on income protection
  • If you run your own business they can advise on business expense insurance so that if something happens it can still survive.

Types of Takeaway Shops On The Central Coast – Part 2

In part 2 we’ll continue to look at the range of Takeaway cuisines that are available on the Central Coast.


Have their origins in Germany where Frankfurt’s were invented. However the term hotdog has its origins in the US. A hotdog is a sausage (Frankfurt) that is placed inside long bread like bun that has been split along the middle. The bun effective surrounds and cradles the sausage. Other ingredients are then added on top, such as: BBQ sauce, Tomato sauce, Mustard, Onion, Relish and/or cheese.

Find Hot Dogs Central Coast


With the growing numbers of health conscious consumers, salads are becoming a more popular form of takeaway food. They are available in most takeaway shops that also serve fresh sandwiches.

Find Salads Central Coast


Depending on where you go pizza toppings, style and flavor can be vastly different. There are the big franchise shops or you can go for a more special local shop that focuses more on gourmet style pizzas. Gourmet pizzas are more expensive but they have a lot more toppings and much better flavor.

Find Pizza Central Coast


Sandwiches are a great healthy fast food option. They tend to be slightly more expensive than other fast food options because of their made from fresh ingredients which can’t be stored for long lengths of time.

Find Sandwich Central Coast


This is synonymous with the Central Coast. Given it’s proximity to the Ocean it’s no surprise that Seafood is a very popular cuisine. There are plenty of takeaway shops that sell seafood. Popular meal choices include: oysters, mussels, calamari, lobster, crab, fish, scallops and many other dishes.

Find Seafood Central Coast


Sushi is growing in popularity among the Central Coast and other regions of Australia. They are a healthier form of fast food and convenient as they are generally prepared in the morning and don’t require you to wait around while they’re being made. It’s also easier to exercise portion control with sushi than with a great big hamburger.

Find Sushi Central Coast


The Central Coast has plenty of dining options and plenty of places to go to get great takeaway. As we’ve seen there is a great range of succulent options.


5 Tips for Dealing with Wreckers & Dismantlers

Wreckers can be a great source for spare parts for your car, especially for the hard to get pieces from an automotive store. Just make sure you do your homework and follow these 5 tips because prices can vary significantly.

Tip 1: Negotiate

Selling used spare parts (especially old ones) can be a bit of a black art. Some wreckers will try it on and give you a high priced quote to see if you’ll pay it. This is often for the small things that you don’t want to have to purchase new. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the price isn’t reasonable.

Tip 2: Compare Prices with New Parts

Every now and again you may find that getting the part new is actually cheaper than a wrecker. If you know this before you go to the wrecker than you know the limits of your price. If their price is more or similar than you can negotiate or again, walk away.

Tip 3: Call First

Check to see if they have the part and what price they’ll sell it for. Because you’re not in the shop yet they may quote you a good price to get you in the shop.

Tip 4: Shop Around

There are a number of Wreckers on the Central Coast. Don’t be afraid to give a few of them a quick call to find out what the cost will be. You’ll be amazed and the differences in price you’re quoted for the same thing.

Tip 5: Check EBay

Quite often you’ll find that parts can be just as cheap or cheaper on eBay. Once you’ve got a few quotes (you called first right?) then check eBay and see how the prices compare.

When it comes to dealing with wreckers, it’s worth doing your do diligence. Remember the prices they set are a bit of a black art so there could be a big variation between them.